Season of the Tonic

I’m going to call it early, it’s officially Gin and Tonic season in our fair city. First day of February and it’s already over 97 degrees. No better time to tonic something: Vodka Tonic, Gin Tonic,… ok, those are the only two. My poison of choice: Bombay Sapphire and Fever Tree Tonic. Get a drink! Get outside! Let the games begin.

The Call of the Rooster

You have had it and probably don’t know it. It’s a ‘house red’ in many restaurants across town, even mine.

The only thing wrong with it is the case gets skinny too quick. John, hit me again…

Guess Who’s Coming to (last) Dinner

I have been working on my Last Supper guest list. It’s still up in the air, but this is it so far….

1. Lemmy, from Motorhead: hear me out! Believe me, if there is any trouble, he will mop it up.
2. Paul Qui: being amazed by his direction at Uchiko, ESK and questions about whats up next.
3. The Ghost of Vince Young: what the fuck happened!!!
4. Willie Nelson: what?, he’s bringing desert?
5. Enzo Ferrari: designated driver.
6. Anyone in Austin who can make a decent Fish and Chip. We miss you Bits and Druthers.

A Torrid Affair

I would accept an invitation to watch the okra grow at Springdale Farm. So, I jumped at the chance to attend an A Torrid Affair dinner there (one of many more to come). Great food, perfect setting and for all the right reasons.

Austin, Texas based charity supperclub A TORRID AFFAIR has announced plans for its inaugural dinner event, set for Monday, September 26 on the beautiful grounds of East Austin’s Springdale Farm (755 Springdale Road).  The brainchild of Péché executive chef Jason Dodge and former Péché mixologist Michael Menley, A TORRID AFFAIR’s mission is to raise money for the Dell Children’s Medical Center through the hosting of intimate dining events in Austin while increasing awareness of the benefits of local, sustainable agriculture.

Bringing together the best chefs and mixologists in Austin to create its one-of-a-kind dinner menus and pairing each course with a specialty cocktail — each created using only the freshest local, farm-to-table ingredients and Texas spirits — A TORRID AFFAIR delivers a unified dining and cocktail experience fusing passion and purpose. Guests will enjoy the finest quality and creativity in the dishes and cocktails presented by A TORRID AFFAIR and the supperclub’s commitment to providing both A-level service and personal interaction with the very creators of the original menus will result in an unparalleled dining adventure.

The September 26 A TORRID AFFAIR launch will feature a wonderful menu of paired courses conceived and designed by both Dodge and Menley, while future ATA supperclub events will highlight the talents of chefs and mixologists such as Bryce Gilmore of Barley Swine and Chauncy James of The East Side Show Room.

A Torrid Affair : September 26th, 7:30 – 11:30pm : Get Tickets

Quality Pizza Hangs in the Balance

Cross-country pedaler, pizza slinger and professional beard model Sean Robinson had his bike stolen today. This is significant for a few reasons: It’s his only means of transportation (he pedaled to Austin from NYC), he runs the oven at Bola Pizza on Saturday SFC Downtown Farmers Market, and lastly, you just don’t steal a dude’s bike.

STOLEN BIKE ALERT AUSTIN TX!!!! Black Schwinn World Sport. 10 speed Black bag under seat. Sticker says “I Ride Bikes to Look Good Naked!” Taken Mon afternoon from Springdale and Bolm Rd. If you see it lock it up and let us know!

DM us on Twitter @bolapizza or @atxfoodjournal

Events Calendar: Farmers Market Break

Farmers Market’s will be closed this Saturday for the holiday. Still need a fix? Head over to the SFC Farmers Market at the Triangle today. It’s a jumbo. Many of the downtown vendors will be in attendance. It should be twice the size of the normal market.

SFC Farmers Market at the Triangle: Wednesday’s 3 – 7pm

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