When Someone in the Kitchen Gives a Crap

Freak’n Brilliant. I am so glad this place is in my hood. You can tell that someone in the kitchen cares (and actually knows how to cook).

The menu doesn’t over reach, which is nice for a change. Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup, done right (and there are, actually, a bunch of ways to screw this up). Sarah keeps it simple and uses great ingredients. Crusty local bread with quality cheese. And she warms the plate, as she does with the french fry orders, so the last bits are almost as good as the first. Classy touch.

Seared Duck with Glazed Cipollini Onions and Carrots, Gnocchi. Menu items like this frighten me. Usually it boils down to which tasted more like a rubber band, the gnocchi or the duck. Not so here, this was great. Even the damn onions and carrots were cooked properly. They are usually an afterthought at most places.

épicerie : 2307 hancock drive austin, texas 78756 (across from Fonda San Miguel)

021 Best Thing about Epicerie Opening

Sarah stocks Rancho Gordo heirloom beans. I don’t know any other place in Austin that has them.

Epicerie 2307 Hancock Dr  Austin, Texas 78756

I’m At The Bar: Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza

Totally Biased: this is my favorite pizza in Austin, Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza. It’s on a property in Dripping Springs with Jester King Brewery.

Chad, Mike, Carter and all have done a fantastic job setting up their open-air wood fired pizza joint.

Mike Gatlin, working the board.

Hill country seating: Hay Pole Barn

Currently open Saturday’s 12:30-4:30. Hopefully more hours soon. Keep your eyes on the horizon.

Emperor Salad

Most salads are just jerks, pretending to be food. Hiding on small plates like timid shrubbery. Not the Caesar! If done right, it socks you on the jaw then kisses you on the lips.

When I went about building one for my business, Bola Pizza, I wanted three things to come forward: lemon, garlic and someone to eat it. From the reaction at the Wednesday SFC Farmers Market at the Triangle, I think we have a winner.

That’s not a pita! It’s a puffed pizza crust, Piadina if you’re fancy, just like you would find as the base of one of our pizza’s. So, the fork is optional, as you can see from this cute young lady viciously attacking our handy work.

Fish From a Trailer

Up on blocks. Maybe a permit, maybe not. Who knows what you are going to get. Great food on the cheap? Maybe? Sometimes? I was on the fence.  The chatter about Bits and Druthers? It erased all doubt about the highest quality food coming out of a trailer.

I don’t know much, but I do know is this. The next time I have a hankering for Fish and Chips, I’m not stuttering. Bits and Druthers. Not even close. Good show guys. Keep it up. Easily the best Fish and Chips in town… Easily.

Food As A Business

I know it’s been a while. I have missed you. And, I promise to try harder, because I really like the thing we have going on here.

Things have been a little more hectic than normal around the Austin Food Journal head quarters. Cruising into our sixth year posting about eating and drinking in this fine town of ours, the last two weeks have shown the largest gap since our inception. I’m eager to back to our little daily chats.

Giving birth is never easy. Especially when it weighs 3500 pounds. A little thing that we like to call Bola Pizza has been monopolizing our time of late. With any new venture there is a learning curve, systems to be setup and the unforeseen pitfalls. I will be starting a new thread to share my thoughts on the matter in hops of getting advice, sharing misery or giving some insight to someone who is thinking about doing the same. Stay tuned.

I would like to take a moment to thank a few people who helped light our pizza catering roman candle: Stefanie Distefano who gave a face to the taste by creating the signature look of our oven. Bill Bowers for supplying transportation, combustible consumables (firewood). Carla Crownover for catching anything that was about to fall through the cracks (and a few things that did). Sean Robinson for falling out of the New York sky directly into our lap (pictured above). All of our family, friends, neighbors, tasters and the Austin restaurant and foodie community.