Asian Fusion

Like the Uchi cookbook? Eat With Your Hands? Mission Street Food? All the exotic ingredients look so intriguing! Have any idea where to get Goma Shio, Mirin, Nori or Miso? Neither Did I. Then I found Asahi Imports on Burnet Road. This place is nuts. Japanese ingredients from A to XO sauce. Asahi Imports, Burnet […]

NYTimes: Veteran Farmers

Excellent article on the trend of military personnel taking up farming. β€œIn the military, grunts are the guys who get dirty, do the work and are generally underappreciated,” said Colin Archipley, a decorated Marine Corps infantry sergeant turned organic farmer. β€œI think farmers are the same.” Farming offers veterans a chance to decompress, Mr. Archipley […]

Moving Forward. Staying Hungry

Congratulations, Austin. 2010 was a crazy-fun food year: booming farmers’ markets, food trailer madness, a slew of new restaurants, guerilla gardening and more. I am already getting a spooky feeling about 2011. All that newness in 2010 is probably just a foundation for more to come. January marks our anniversary here at the Austin Food […]