Restaurant Bar Haunts: Bess Bistro


A restaurant bar is a delicate thing. It can’t outshine the restaurant, but it needs to be cool enough to drink at even if you aren’t eating. As always, it’s about balance. I know of crappy bars in good restaurants and great bars in restaurants I wouldn’t eat at. One of my favorite restaurant bars is Bess Bistro. First: it’s tucked into an old building basement. I know! We are halfway there already. Second: one-piece metal, wrap around bar. Third: proper bar to stool height ratio. You don’t want to be sitting there feeling like a little kid or like Fezzik. Bonus: fish tank and the bathrooms are even cool.

Click on the link below for more pictures of Bess’s interior.


Bess has a total of four of these booths in their dining area.


On the right is the corner of the bar. Those two stools are the best seats when it is hopping.

1 comment to Restaurant Bar Haunts: Labor Day Edition

  • Bess Bistro is a great place with nice design and a comfortable, yet hip atmosphere. Love the location. The bar supplies exactly what is needed for a relaxing drink after work.