Update: Austin Farmers Market

Winfield Farm Radish

Look at these monsters. These Daikon radishes, from Winfield Farm, were maybe 18″ long ($4 each). Govinda alerted me to the fact that Daikon’s are a milder radish, with a more aggressive tasting leaf. I need to come up with a recipe to try these.

Tile Fish

San Miguel Seafood has Tile fish ($14/lb.). Roberto could only describe it’s flavor profile to me as “delicious”. Wait a second! I love “delicious”. So, of course I picked some up to give it a try. At a glance it looks Snapperish. There seem to be quite a few bones, so I need to remind myself to chew slowly.

Vital Farm Eggs

My wife and I were just talking about how great it would be to have eggs and milk delivered to our house. But, decided that someone probably passed some law that makes it illegal. They must have. Everything cool is illegal. Sure enough I was wrong. Carri Kelley, of Vital Farms, said their eggs ($5 dozen) are home delivered by Greenlings Organic Delivery. Or, you can purchase Vital eggs at the Saturday market, Wholefoods, Wheatsville, Farm to Market, Peoples Pharmacy, Boggy Creek Farm, Cissi, Whip In, Ashai Imports, Space Station Mir and the interior Congo. OK, I made those last two up, but it seems you can get Vital eggs just about anywhere. Right on.

Republic Square Park

File under: Not There Yet. The Farmers’ Market move to Republic Park missed it’s launch date. Now they are shooting for January 16th (this is me holding my breath). A party is planned for the 23rd. The park is looking good, though. Can’t wait for the new digs. BAM! There you have it. I’m heading over to HOPE to check out what’s going on there.

Austin Farmers Market : The Triangle, Wednesday 4pm – 7pm : 4th and Guadalupe, Saturday 9am – 1pm
HOPE Farmers Market : 4th and Waller : Sunday, 11am – 3pm
Winfield Farm, Vital Eggs, Greenling Organic Delivery, San Miguel Seafood

Click here for the layout of how the vendors will be setup.

3 replies on “Update: Austin Farmers Market”

  1. Daikon radishes are excellent glazed as you would carrots (orange or apple juice, butter or ghee, a little honey or other sweetener). For an Indian touch, add turmeric, cardamom and coriander. Finish with a flurry of cilantro and a squeeze of lemon.
    I read that in Germany, one farm gave up home delivery and has set up vending machines for their goods. Our food world takes another interesting step forward!

  2. Excellent! I will give it a try.
    Tomatoes in vending machines!?! That could get ugly.

  3. I’ve tried these Vital Farms eggs before and they are wonderful. I love the humane aspect of what they’re doing, their hens live outside naturally like birds should. The eggs taste so much better than conventionally produced ones!

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