Second Helping of Gruel

Can’t get enough of the Food Network? You are in luck. They are launching a second channel to spread the mediocrity. Launching on Memorial Day, the new channel will be called (drum roll please) The Cooking Channel. I spoke with a Food Network producer a few months ago and he said the second channel was imminent, as was the phasing out of larger Chef stars. The network wants more control over profits from branding its talent. Hence, the creation of “The Next Food Network Star” series to find “talent” that doesn’t already have an agent, PR team or the foresight to control their own destiny. He said the network was pissed that the large stars were building their own empires the Food Network couldn’t profit from. The new stars sign away their food lives to the network. Probably why one of the only things Guy Fieri can shill for are his own sunglasses.

UPDATE: Guy Fieri to cook at the White House. We are all going to hell.

3 comments to UPDATE: Second Helping of Gruel

  • Mark

    So will they actually feature cooking (instead of contests and travel-the-country shows) on The Cooking Channel?
    As far as phasing out the “larger Chefs,” they’ve pretty much done that by substantially reducing shows from people that can actually cook (no Mario, only a little Emeril, and Bobby Flay pretty much reduced to barnstorming). So I guess we’ll have even more pretend chefs teaching us how to cook…..

  • I hope they have lots of Sandra Lee…We DVR her sometimes just to laugh at the horrendous stuff she creates!

  • Katie

    I could do without Sandra Lee and her kitchy decorations, but I do watch just to see the “Cocktail for Aunt Sandy” always comes up with!