Cold Vodka is Not a Martini

Someone could probably pinpoint the exact historical moment when we screwed up the Martini. Whom ever ordered the first ‘dry’ one should have been swiftly corrected. Because what was handed to them was not a Martini. You need vermouth for that. And, it needs more than a bartender gesturing towards the bottle. One quarter vermouth, three quarters vodka.

The garnish should be as high quality as the booze. I like Lucques olives (Antonelli’s Cheese Shop). I’m not a ‘dirty’ guy, but this brine is fresher than a 14 year old at a Cotillion. I’m OK with some flavoring my spirits.

Now, if I could just persuade my wife to have one ready every day at five when I arrive home from work.

2 comments to Cold Vodka is Not a Martini

  • William

    Christian, I generally agree with and enjoy your posts. You are however way off on the Martini comments. A Martini is 1 part GIN to 3 parts Vermouth. I attribute your lack of knowledge in this area to your relative youth. Vodka served ice cold, with or without Vermouth, while quite refreshing, is not a Martini.

  • When you arrive home from work. ha!