BLT Watch: The Good Knight

I like the simplicity of the BLT. Not a lot of ways to hide crappy ingredients. I think they are a good indicator of how the rest of a menu is going to flow. The Good Knight just started serving lunch, so I sashayed over to check how theirs stacks up.

Four things have to be working for a BLT to sing: bread, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Let’s work our way from the outside in. The bread on The Good Knight BLT ($8) was thicker than I expected, more like “Texas Toast”. It was toasted, but not to much, which I like. I’m not a fan of having the roof of my mouth assaulted by abrasive bread on the first chomp. On this sandwich lettuce and tomato play second fiddle to the bacon, both in ratio and flavor. For me, lettuce is the crunch, tomato is the juiciness. I wish there was a little more of both. The good news? The bacon rocked. House cured, thick cut. They even asked me how crispy I wanted it. Crispy!

Cudos for condiment restraint: a little mayo goes a long way. Sliced White Onion: not needed, but a nice flair. Long story short, not too shabby. Some positives and some negatives, but overall, it works for me. The Meatloaf Sandwich ($8) also caught my eye. Next time.

The Good Knight : lunch M-F, 11am-2pm. 1300 E. 6th Austin, TX (512) 628-1250

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  1. Finally! I’ve always said that a BLT is a 4 step process. Nobody really understands that the bread is also very key. It’s the little things i guess. Definitely a must try

  2. IMHO, a BLT is a seasonal sandwich. If you don’t have ripe summer tomatoes, don’t bother.

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