Bola Pizza/AFJ: Serious Pizza Class

Bola Pizza and the Austin Food Journal are bringing it back. True Neapolitan style pizza you learn how to make at home. The same pies that we have been making, eating and feeding our guests during our Wood fired catering events.

No special skills or tools required. Below are some of the topics that will be covered in our class:

• One Hour and Three Day Fermented Dough Techniques

• Conventional and Wood Fired Oven Demonstrations

• Saucing and Topping Variations

• Dough Handling and Baking

• Tasting Comparisons

Attendees will walk away with printed recipes and topping suggestions, sample dough to try at home and the skills to make classic Italian pizza. Class size is limited to twelve guest and will be held on Saturday February 16th, 3 – 6pm. Tickets are $75 per person. Reserve your space and an email confirmation will be sent with further details.


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