Guess Who’s Coming to (last) Dinner

I have been working on my Last Supper guest list. It’s still up in the air, but this is it so far….

1. Lemmy, from Motorhead: hear me out! Believe me, if there is any trouble, he will mop it up.
2. Paul Qui: being amazed by his direction at Uchiko, ESK and questions about whats up next.
3. The Ghost of Vince Young: what the fuck happened!!!
4. Willie Nelson: what?, he’s bringing desert?
5. Enzo Ferrari: designated driver.
6. Anyone in Austin who can make a decent Fish and Chip. We miss you Bits and Druthers.

One reply on “Guess Who’s Coming to (last) Dinner”

  1. I worked security at a Motorhead show at The Backroom years ago. After it was over and we were waiting to be paid, Lemmy was walking around playing the arcade games with two of the hottest women (one on each arm).

    Leave poor VY alone… 😉

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