Everybody Wants Short Rib

Holiday app: Beef Short Rib Ragu with Mashed Potatoes on Toast Points. Here is the rub: idiot shoppers at the grocery watch too many cooking shows and decide that Short Ribs are still cool. Please, let them be uncool again so I can afford them. But, lucky for me, the lamb blade steaks are alone and vulnerable.

Ragu and repeat: seared lamb steaks (pick out the bone and inedible bits), carrot, onion, celery, tomato, smother and cook the crap out of it.

The potatoes are relegated to a supporting role as a binder between the lamb and the toasted bread points. Not to say that care was not taken. The first batch was thrown out when I realized that I was out of butter and tried to sub in olive oil. Sorry Italy, France has your number on the proper fat for mashed potatoes. Salted Butter + Heavy Cream = Mashed Potatoes

4 replies on “Everybody Wants Short Rib”

  1. In addition to short rib, I want you to post recipes with PROPORTIONS, for God’s sake! I am not good enough to turn a casual list of ingredients into a masterpiece.

    (this comment is specifically meant for your taco salad post, which is, apparently, closed for comments).

  2. I just figured since you can’t walk down the street with out bumping into a food blog these days, I would leave the measures and ratios to the food network and the dude from NY who stops by the downtown farmers market to eat squirrel spleens.

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