Taco Night: Cod

Like my father always told me, Paprika will kill you quicker than a bullet. Granted, he thought I was talking about gun violence in a third world country, but still. His love of powdered spices, automatic weapons and battered fish dishes transcends social norms.

Above is a mixture of salt, pepper and Paprika 120. I didn’t know that Central Market sold different grades of Paprika. Smokes is smokes and Smokes 120 is some kind of warning that orange plastic cones should be placed around.

Thought it would be funny to glaze cupcakes with. It would be a whole new day for someone’s palete.

Cod. The poor-mans Halibut. No shame. It’s thick, white and meaty and cooks up almost the same. Leaves a lot more change in your pocket.

Once more into the breach: mix the protein with the batter.

Is is just me or is cabbage the Menorah of the vegetable world?