A Tale of Two Pork Bellies


Pork Rice Bowl
Rice Bowl, with aforementioned protein product. Winner to be named later.

Dry Rub vs. Brine
Momo’s Chang goes with dry rub, Mission Chinese goes with a brine

Momo vs. Mission
They both have books that tell you they are the correct way to make pork belly perfect. I should write a book on how to not to commit suicide while starting a small food business.

Pan Sear
Chang just throws the thing into a roaring oven, then turns it down and let’s it go.

Braise Pork
The more complicated Mission method: score, braise, seared, and braise.

Both have their place. Momo’s is firm, lends itself well to cubed re-heating or re-frying. Mission’s falls apart, great for pulling. Personally, I would combine: slash, brine, dry-cook.