Chili Crisp

Garlic (fried) 80g, Shallot (fried) 80g, oil 800g, Ginger 40g, Garlic 40g, Dried Thai Chili 10g, Fresh Thai Chili 20g, Fish Sauce , MSG, cinnamon. 

Heat oil to 275. Mandolin the garlic and shallot. Fry garlic till crisp. Strain, return oil to pot. Fry the shallot till crisp. Strain, return oil to pot.  

Fine mince ginger, garlic, chilis and put into large bowl. Reheat oil to 375 and pour into bowl. Let cool. Add crispy garlic and shallots. Add fish sauce.  

You Do Know It’s About The Tomatoes, Right?

Sushi is about the rice. Pizza is about the crust. BLT is about the tomato. Everybody calm down.

The bacon pictured above is from Smoking Goose (thanks Carla). At the moment, this is my favorite bacon. But, again, this isn’t about the bacon. Don’t put seven slices on your BLT. Don’t brush your bread with bacon grease. Close your eyes and think of a peaceful place.

This is good bread. I made this bread. It has been slightly toasted and is standing like Stone Hinge because if I just laid them on a cutting board one side would steam. Sub-optimal.

But, this is why we are here: peak season, Gardens123 grown, hand delivered tomatoes. Thing of beauty.

Nondenominational Fried Chicken

To be honest, my fried chicken knows no boarders. I have mashed together (bastardized) at least three countries culinary history. Korean, American and Japanese.

Sweet Chili sauce starts with cooking down red onion, garlic and red chili flakes. I am currently on the black steel band wagon. I love it. Then I hate it. Then I pick back up my cast iron and realize I am being too quick to ostracize the black steel. It’s durable, efficient, and lighter that case iron.

Wheat flour, corn starch and baking soda. Coat completely and deposit for an overnight rest in an enormous slow acting dehydrator (the refrigerator).

Mortar and pestle is the new (old) Cuisinart. No outlet needed and when you are done, your sauce doesn’t taste like electricity.