Lucy Chonga with Chicken

Mia’s Tex-Mex on Lemmon Ave. in Dallas, I love you. For many things, but mainly for introducing me to the Lucy Changa. Haunting. I needed to see if I could replicate it here in Austin. Home made flour lard tortilla fajita burrito, deep fried and covered in cheese and ranchero sauce. Ranchero Sauce: Canned Plum […]

Flour Tortilla

Flour 270g, Salt 5g, Baking Powder 5g, Hot Water 150g. Lard 25g. Mix dry, add water till dough forms. Add Lard final mix. Rest dough. Portion balls and rest for second time: 20g – 7”, 35g – 8.5”, 45g – 11, 60g-12”. Flour and roll out thin, cook through on flattop (500° 15 sec)