Start Your Engines

The Times has a good article about strategies for building a successful Thanksgiving day. I am already rolling with my prep work. Good luck to everyone out there. Be bold. Stay strong. Start early.

Unexpected Guests

We had some friends, who just happened to be walking by the house at dinner time, stop in. Lucky enough, I was roasting a whole sheet pan of vegetables and grilling up a NY Strip (Sale: $9.99 at Central Market). It worked out great. Even had leftovers. I used the potatoes and onions for breakfast […]


Just did my first Yelp review. It’s a site where you can read reviews about restaurants. I posted about Siena, which we ate at this week: Expensive, but the food is good (some great, some not) and nice staff. We always feel pampered going there. Great bar to sit at. Favorite dishes are the Primi […]