Kitchen Equipment: Sous Vide Supreme

I have found a few undeniable truths from my time on this rock. Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line, Amtrak runs late and scientists like numbers. Good news for the scientists, though. They just got their very own cooking method: Sous Vide. If you are not familiar, sous vide is a technique where food items are sealed in vacuum bags and slow poached in a circulating water bath. This method is ultra precise. Maniacally precise. The chat site eGullet has a thread on the subject that is over 119 pages long. People comparing notes on bag thickness, meat density and evaporation rates. Care to know how to cook asparagus in one degree/one second increments? Not me.

Sous Vide: Food’s Personal Hot Tub has a writeup on a home-version of a immersion circulation cooker. Or, for the more fancy-pants: Sous Vide. Basically, it’s a cooking method where you put a protein (or just about anything else) in a vacuum sealed bag and cook it to perfect done-ness in it’s own mini hot tub.

The price of entry is still steep: $450. I think Sous Vide Supreme should rush me one for personal testing to see if the price is worth it.