2010 Reheated: Best Bar-B-Que

There is no shortage of BBQ in Central Texas. And, as sure as the line is long at Franklin’s, everybody has a favorite. For me this year, it is Snow’s BBQ in Lexington. With Ms. Tootsie working the pits, moist brisket and ribs, and the most welcoming BBQ atmosphere I have encountered, Snow’s is it […]

Restaurant Review: Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

Some call this approach “tablecloth BBQ”. They usually don’t mean it in a nice way. I don’t think you need to be cooking in a dirt floor shack with an old pit to produce tasty BBQ. Case in point, Lamberts Downtown BBQ. Their slow roast meats have an updated twist on old-style “Q”: Brown Sugar and Coffee Rubbed Brisket, Maple and Coriander Crusted Pork Ribs, Achoite and Lime Rubbed Chicken (Combo plates $12-$16). A trio of house made sauces come on the side. Unlike some other BBQ places that don’t even have forks, Lamberts has a full menu for those who prefer to munch on things that didn’t have hoofs: Deviled Eggs, Green Chili Queso, Broiled Oysters, Soups and Salads.

Restaurant Review: Snows BBQ

After talking with Pat Sharp at Texas Monthly, I know they are pretty thorough when it comes to picking a winner for their BBQ issue. That being said, I was reasonably sure I was in for a treat at Snow’s BBQ in Lexington, ranked #1 in 2008. Above, Ms. Tootsie (the Pit Boss), and her son on the far left. Kerry Bexley (Snow’s owner) is adding moral support (and about to get reprimanded). The gentleman between them is the next door neighbor. He’s in charge of tending the fires early in the A.M.

UT Tailgate: Change of Focus

Well, this past weekend wasn’t quite the spectacle of the previous one (Texas Tech). Everyone kept saying, “you should have been here last weekend” (I was). Because of the early game time, many tailgaters left their big rigs at home. That’s not to say that there were not some interesting grills cooking up a storm.