Mayor Leffingwell Likes Sausage, Farmers Markets

The City Council on Thursday listened to citizen input on revising the ordinance to allow preparation of hot food at the local farmers’ markets. Jesse from Dai Due Supper Club spoke in favor of the revisions pointing out: “I believe the Mayor came by and got a sausage the other day and I hope he liked it.” Mayor Leffingwell nodded to the affirmative and stated that they are working on a fix.

So… for the time being, food cooked to order at the farmers’ markets is on hold. But, City Hall is on the case. Check back for updates. I’m keeping my finger on this one.

Lend Your Voice: Hot Food at Farmers Markets

I like going to the Farmers’ Markets and getting something to eat that is prepared right on the spot. It seems like a natural part of the markets. We are, after all, there to interact with food (either buying it, eating it or mocking it). The City of Austin thinks freshly cooked food could hurt us and […]

UPDATE: SFC Austin Farmers Market

At SFC’s Downtown Farmers’ Market on Saturday, Dai Due is, for the time being, still selling hot food cooked on the spot (while the City of Austin plumbs it’s soul). My personal favorite being the Bratwurst on a soft roll with sauerkraut and Fireman’s 4 mustard ($7). The magic cheese made by Chrissy Omo of CKC Farms is now available at at the Downtown Market. I brought up the fact that she needs to drop out of college immediately to make cheese full time and was quickly slapped down by her mother. Lesson learned.

City of Austin Hates Local Food, Open Flames

You know how good the Dai Due Grilled Kielbasa with Housemade Sauerkraut tastes on Saturday mornings at the downtown Farmers’ Market? Well, I would hold on to that memory, because you are not going to be able to get one for the foreseeable future. The City of Austin Health Department has reinterpreted the text of a “mobile temporary event” permit. This will effect anyone who is cooking: Dai Due, Aster’s Ethiopian and Thai Fresh. Taco Deli has their food already prepared, so they are unaffected. I guess Torchy’s Tacos isn’t affected, because they have nothing to do with the market, they just pull their roach coach up next to it.

Tell the City what you think: Sustainable Food Policy Board Meeting, Mon, March 22, 12:30pm – 2:30pm