Restaurant: Les Halles (New York)

Traveling for work last week to NYC, I went by Les Halles. This is Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant. He is the tall, wiry guy, who has the food show about traveling the word and tasting it’s culinary cultures (while continuously smoking and drinking). The restaurant was busy on a Tuesday night, but I got a quick seat at a two-top in the front window (must have been my slick big-city duds). I didn’t expect to be blown away by the food, being that this is a touristy, celeb-chef place, but was pleasantly surprised. The food is French bistro and it lived up to that. I had the Frisée aux Lardons (frisée, bacon, roquefort, croûtons) and the Onglet à l’Échalote (hanger steak, shallot sauce).