Dai Due Supper Club: Seafood at The Plant

Dai Due Supper Club

The start and the finish. That is what I have been thinking about. Raw oysters to Fish soup. Bookends to an exceptional meal. I predicted the Dai Due Seafood dinner was  going to be special, but it exceeded my expectations. Jesse, Tamara and the rest of the Dai Due crew treated us to a memorable evening.

Dai Due Seafood Dinner

The food was fanastic, but it was more than that. It was about family and home. Both, in the dining room (40+ guests, along with Jesse’s parents) and in the kitchen (local produce and seafood from the Gulf).

Raw Gulf Oysters with Meyer Lemon
Grilled Oysters with Fennel and Chiltepin Mignonette
Scamp Grouper and Blood Orange Ceviche with Turnips
Poached Albacore Tuna and Butterbeans
Smoked Eel and Potato Salad
Grilled Whiting with Citrus, Dill and Green Garlic Pilaf
Grilled Vermilion Snapper with Daikon and Winter Herbs
Frog Legs with Chenin Blanc, Parsley and Warm Cabbage Salad
Cobia in Papillot with Sweet Potato, Fennel and Cilantro
Fish Soup
Cheeses: Pola Beer Tome, Charoomy, Blue and Whey Ricotta

Grilling Oysters

We started off with Champagne, raw Oysters and a tour of the grounds. The courses came and went as the sun fell. If you have a “Before I Die” list, attending a Dai Due event should be on it. Need further proof? Click on the link below for more of the evening…

The Plant, Kyle Texas

The Plant, in Kyle, hosted the event. Constructed from parts of an old cement factory from San Antonio, the unique structures sit on 14 acres, above a spring. It’s available for rental and has three bedrooms (sleeps up to 10).

Dai Dui Seafood Dinner

The dinner was served family style. The fish was served whole. They looked georgous, but I had to dance around the bones. Conversation was easy as we got to know the people around us at the table.

The Plant, Kyle Texas

This has to be one of the largest screened in porches I have seen. Dai Dui supper club is hosted in a different location every time. In a couple of weeks, for New Year’s, it will be at the Hotel Saint Cecilia off South Congress.

Snapper from the Gulf

The fish, ready for the grill. It was my first time for some of menu items. I hadn’t had frog legs, Whiting or Cobia. The frog legs were exceptional.

Jesse Griffiths of Dai Dui

Jesse and crew in the very well appointed kitchen. Large cooktop and professional hood. It would be fun to rent the place just to go  back and cook there.

A special shout-out to Dana who helped us get to this event. Thank you.

Dai Due Supper Club : Austin, Tx
The Plant : Kyle, Tx

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  1. Thanks for the photos! Eventually the baby will grow up enough to unshackle me and I will finally make it to a Dai Due event. Until then, the pictures and butcher shop items will have to suffice!

  2. It was great meeting you guys this past weekend! I hope we run into each other some other time as well.

    BTW–I checked out Jamie’s jewelry site. Absolutely gorgeous!

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