Braised Ligurian Chicken: Local Edition

A house favorite, Braised Ligurian Chicken, just got local-er. I usually use Italian canned San Marzano plum tomatoes in the sauce. But, as you may have noticed, Austin is currently being overrun by tomatoes. Johnson’s Backyard Garden has San Marzano (SFC Downtown, HOPE farmers markets) and they are tasty. The other parts of this dish stayed the same. Seasoned and floured chicken is slow cooked. The pan gets deglazed with white wine and garlic, olives, tomatoes and rosemary are added.

I cooked the sauce longer than usual to help break down the fresh tomatoes (the Italian one’s are skinned and precooked). They didn’t get as soft as the canned ones, but the flavor was much brighter. Sometimes local wins because local just tastes better.