Building a Pizza Oven: Wrap It Up

Question: How do you keep 900 degree heat from escaping your oven? Answer: Wrap it in abrasive fiberglass insulating blankets. Question: How do you keep fiberglass insulation from embedding itself into your forearms? Two words: gloves, long thick gloves. The good news is, the energy from your aged Oak wood will be encased in your oven. So, all that hard work putting on irritating insulation will pay off.

Forget prison. If you want to keep someone contained, wrap them in Stucco Lath screen. Then, give them a pair of tin snips (and no gloves) and tell them they are free to go at any time. Believe me, after and hour of trying to get out, their bloody stumps will be begging for mercy (Hey, Coen Brothers, I have screen play for you).

With the lath screen in place, the stucco will have something to adhere to. It might have stuck to the fluffy, white, abrasive insulating blankets, but why take that chance when cutting one’s self to ribbons is so much fun.

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