Building a Pizza Oven: There is No On Button

Cooking with a wood burning oven is harder than it looks. The practice involves all three heating methods. Conductive from the contact the dough makes with the hearth floor. Convection from the flames heating and rotating the air inside the oven. Radiant heat from the dome and walls.

The thickness and moisture content of the dough combined with the temperature of the oven floor, the amount of flame, the distance of the pizza from the fire, cooking time in the oven all affect how a pizza turns out. And, I am probably forgetting a few variables. Practice, Grasshopper, practice.

4 replies on “Building a Pizza Oven: There is No On Button”

  1. Speaking of pizza practice, we need to practice more! We mixed up some of your dough this week and although it was delicious, we didn’t get the crust to crisp up the way that yours do. We need to figure out our oven better!

  2. I like the mount vesuvious eruptions of cheese and tomato in that pie. Looks crunchy and chewy and messy delicious

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