On The Run: Bison Night

I haven’t had as much time to cook at home as I have had in the past, so it is fun when the mood strikes. Impromptu dinner party last week: Seared Bison Tenderloin, Potato Gratin and Hot and Cold Pea and Green Bean Salad.

The trick to the potatoes is to set them on a path of suffering at the hands of heavy cream and Parmesan.

Under the golden (harsh) glow of the under counter microwave lighting, the bison cooks off in clarified butter. (Did someone just say butter?… Why am I talking to myself?)

Plating everyone up for sit down. Always nice when I get to put a couple extra leaves in the dining room table to accommodate friends from out of town.

This is one of my favorite salads. Nice combination of flavors and textures. I believe the making of a quality salad is an exercise in self control. Do I feel like I needed to kill these green beans? No. Do I felt like they deserved it? Probably.