Devil Chicken & Leeks

Brined and breaded. Mustard and egg and braised. I like to braise the vermouth leeks separately, so everyone can be pulled out at the appropriate time.

I don’t think you can put too much Thyme in this dish. Much underused herb. Easy to grow, it takes a beating in the Texas heat and soldiers on. Small, angry little leaves with an earthy, comforting flavor.

Exhibit A: the brine unleashed. Racked to promote full and even drying in the walk in.

Cast iron on low. Everyone is in a hurry in the kitchen. Slow is one secret weapon (along with mint).

Love leeks, but they are mud hounds. Wash and dry ahead of time.

Because, they won’t char properly if they are covered in water, just laying in the pan, steaming all pathetic like. We are not making onion soup. Physics class had a lot to offer us. We failed it.