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My name is Christian Bowers. This site is about my cooking and eating habits, in and around Austin, TX.

All the pictures of prepared food on this site were cooked by me, photographed by me and eaten by me, my wife and friends. This site is a rolling record of my food interests, food successes and food failures. I have been cooking daily for friends and family since the early 1990’s and appreciate the creative process of assembling a meal and how it brings people together. My ramblings here on ingredients, food products, local events, kitchen gadgets, books, chefs, farmers or anything else on this site is straight from me. Unfiltered.

On the right hand side of this site there are some banners promoting local restaurants. These businesses are gracious enough to sponsor this site so that I can keep doing what i love to do. If you happen to be going out to dinner, please consider dining with one of them. For information about becoming a sponsor, click here.

I prefer to cook, but I have done other things.

The Troubled Years
As a child, I wandered across the United States. Attending primary and secondary schools in California (Quiche), Texas (Chicken Fried Steak), North Carolina (Pulled Pork), and New Jersey (Pizza).

More Serious Years
1990 – 1994: B.A. Brooks Institute of Photography; Industrial Photography and Color Theory

1994 – 1999: Founding and Managing Partner Coupralux LLC

2000 – current: Consulting services in the Advertising and Marketing

2006 – current: Austin Food Journal comes to life on January 10th 2006

2008 – current: Founding partner in Executive Plant Leasing

2010 – current: Bola Pizza, Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering

2011 – current: Bola Frozen Pizza, Wood Fired Frozen Pizza

… and, every day, contributing to the Austin Food Journal. Keeping current on new restaurants, farmers’ market updates, interviews with local chefs, happy hour deals around town, Austin food related events and cooking at home for my family.
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