Seasonal Color

With the cold weather on us, a good slow braise is always a welcome sight/taste. This one is beef and lamb braised in red wine with tomatoes, peas and parmesan. I did a spinach pasta with it. Green and red on the table. Very seasonal.

The Big One

If you were ever going to tie on an apron for a holiday, this one is it (sorry Bastille Day). The Show. Bird Day. The Feast. Big Eat. A twist on a classic, I did a rolled and stuffed breast with sausage, carrot, celery and onion. Cornbread dressing with backyard pecans, celery, raisins and mushrooms. […]

Magic Egg

I don’t mean to start a panic, but I just went through a carton of eggs and each egg had a double yolk. Spooky! What’s up with that? I checked with a friend who has chickens. She said that is not happening with her’s. I am trying to figure out if this is a good […]