Big Red and Soft Stuff

Making your own red sauce is easy. Make a ton, then freeze it. For the base, use canned tomatoes from Italy. Pass it through a food mill to get the seeds and skins out. My two favorite flavoring agents are red wine and oregano. At the end of the day, I try to have them […]

Goat Enchiladas

I stole this from some guy from New York. Goat cheese enchiladas with cilantro rice. I add chicken to appease the carnivores. The real magic to this is the sauce: chicken stock, chiles and white wine.

In Your Pocket

Having things ready to go to add to other dishes will make you a hero. It adds depth of flavor. Nothing dried in a jar can ever stack up to this. You can do it while you are cooking other things (or while alphabetizing your pantry). Above, tomato confit: crushed canned tomatoes, shallots, garlic and […]

Naming Issues

Why do they call it Chicken Parmesan when you put mozzarella on it? Here we have it with oregano and red pepper dusted pasta. The tomato sauce is tucked up under the cheese. Mmmm. I don’t know what is more attractive, the cheese or the cast iron.

Tortilla Soup

Remember those chicken bones you froze yesterday? Get ’em out. Put them in water and simmer for a few hours and you have the base of your Tortilla Soup. Cook with pureed onion, cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, cumin. Garnish with fried tortilla strips, chicken, avocado, and cheddar cheese.