Restaurant Review: Satay

Satay is located right up the street from our house, in a nondescript strip mall. Very unassuming. You wouldn’t be able to find it unless you were looking for it. We went there to attend a Slow Food meeting. We ordered some Vietnamese Spring Rolls to snack on during the meeting. They were by far […]

Book Review: Toklas Cookbook

The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook was written in 1954. Primarily Alice’s musings about cooking and life with Gertrude Stein, while they lived outside of Paris from 1908 till 1947. It’s fun to read about food trends and this book gives you an idea of what foodies were doing back then. Beef and Anchovies cooked in […]

Restaurant: Alto (New York)

After reading an article in the Times, I wanted to try Alto while I was in New York on business. Wonderful dinner. NYC is absolutely the undisputed heavy weight of restaurant towns. Four Course Prefix: Puree of Wild Mushrooms Soup (fantastic flavor and presentation), Sea Scallops with Citrus Oil (the orange flavor was a perfect […]

Book Review: GRUB

Anna Lappe spoke at the Austin Museum on Thursday night about her new book, GRUB. Anna’s book is a pretty good read, but sometimes I get a little leery of statistics. They seem to be so easily skewed to make a point. Towards the back of the book, there is a great resource guide. All […]