Watch Out Little Girl!

Just in time for a holiday weekend that some people like to grill on, HEB beef recall: Raw beef briskets with plant inspection No. 969 (EST #969) with sell-by dates between May 12 and June 20. Raw beef inside skirt steaks in a Styrofoam tray with sell-by dates between May 4 and June 20. Hill […]

Slow Fry

Cooks Illustrated has an interesting article this month on slow frying french fries. The long held wisdom is a ‘twice fry’ method. Fry once at a lower temperature to cook the fry through, then fry a second time, at a higher heat, to crisp the outside. I have had very mixed results with this method […]


Suggestion number 11661 of what to do with all those tomatoes ripening in your garden. Insalata Caprese. This is not complicated and that is why it is hard. Three or four stripped down ingredients: basil, tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella. Each is distinct. If one is off, it disrupts the balance. Nothing to hide behind. The […]

Component Parts

It probably works with a 1000 degree wok, but when I make Stir Fry at home I cook it in stages instead of all at once. Each ingredient goes in one at a time and is removed when it is done. Start with the heavier ingredients first and finish up with the more delicate ones. […]

The Call Goes Out

Dai Due chef, Jesse Griffith is on top of it. Not only can attend his supper club, you can now get his sausage and charcuterie direct. I was at his last session when he was whipping up his latest batch with a great crew of guys. They made it look pretty simple (but it wasn’t). […]