Happy Chickens

Happy chickens lay better tasting eggs, this I believe. Prop 2 passed in California which will improve living conditions for commercially raised animals. If you have ever been to a beef feed lot or a poultry plant, you would have voted for this (or became a vegetarian). If the price of eggs goes from 12 […]

Spinach and Ham Tart

Got this one from Jamie Oliver. The wonderful crust is easier to make than you would think. This tart is perfect If you are cooking for a group. Re-heat it whenever you need it (or you can server it room temperature).

Big Winter Classic

Great winter comfort food. It takes a little time, but it’s a pleaser. The braising liquid makes a great sauce. With the wine, I put chicken or beef stock. It comes out rich and velvety. Also, letting the beef cool down (best overnight), then reheating it improves the texture. Take the extra time, it’s worth […]

Naked Chef Chicken

A house favorite, pan chicken. Flower dusted, slow cooked chicken with olives garlic, rosemary and crushed tomatoes. Recipe Side dish of scalloped potatoes. Baked thin cut potatoes with parmesan and cream.


Cookbooks don’t emphasize it enough: don’t have a dinner party and try a recipe that you have never made before. The chances of the meal being stellar is slim. Maybe that’s why cooking is considered more of a trade than an art. Making recipes again and again focuses you on what steps are important and […]