My Wife Is Out Of Town


While my wife is out of town, I thought I would do what any guy would and sharpen up my pasta dough recipe.

I have a pasta cutter and it only ever seems to get every other cut right. So I mixed my dough twice as longs as I usually do and made sure it was firm. It worked! It cut perfectly.

Rough Scones

I know, I know… they ain’t pretty. But, I’m working on them. And to have the smell of hot scones on a Sunday, just makes the morning go that much smoother.

Raspberry Chicken Salad

I think people tend to over-cook chicken. I’m not talking medium-rare, but just done. When there is still some moisture in there. I cook mine on medium heat so I can slow down the process and monitor it better. The salad is a raspberry vinaigrette with feta and red onions.