Heart Attack Special

I guess the picture is a little prettier than the title. Wonderful way to roll into a Sunday.

The obvious key is the hollandaise. I don’t think it is as hard to make as people think it is. The only hard part is deciding if you are going to tell everyone who is eating how many egg yokes and sticks of butter are in the sauce.

Meyer Lemons: Update

I thought I would give you an update on how our Meyer Lemon tree is doing. If you recall, it was just budding a few months ago. Besides great fruit, I was pleased to find out that these trees grow well in our climate. I didn’t realize that it took this long to make Lemon Confit.


Avocado, diced tomato, lime, salt and white onion. Let it stand an hour or so to mix the flavors. Warming up the chips is a nice touch also.