Egg On Toast

Egg on toast, for two. My wife is nuts for eggs. The problem is getting the egg not to stick to the pan. I think it is the difference in temperature between the egg and the pan. Most of the eggs that hit a pan come straight from the fridge. I try to let mine come up to room temp (few minutes) before they hit the hot pan (preferably cast-iron, to hold as much heat as possible). Less scrubbing in the clean up phase.

Hardwood Charcoal

Lodge makes a great little cast iron grill. It is small, so you don’t have to use a lot of charcoal to get it going. I pre-heat mine on my gas grill to give the coals a head start. Grilled lemon chicken with asparagus and potatoes anna.

Dry Run

I like doing a dry run for Thanksgiving, to try new things. Rolled and stuffed turkey breasts with pecan cornbread stuffing. Pound out and brine the breasts overnight and add milk to the stuffing so the breasts don’t dry out.