Summer Sauce: Part 2

So, here is the sauce I made (previous post), hiding under roasted chicken and Panzanella. Bright and flavorful with a nice garlic bite. It goes well with the bold flavors of the Panzanella. And, it’s pretty looking to boot! You can tell it’s summer by the colors.

Building A Summer Sauce

I have been working on Summer sauce to go with grilled foods (chicken or fish). Basically it is pureed tomato, pepper and garlic oil. I pass the yellow tomatoes through a food mill to remove the skins and seeds. They act as the base. They are uncooked to retain as much of their flavor as […]

Bolognese To The Rescue

Simmering a Bolognese sauce for hours in your kitchen while you are trying to hold out the 100+ degree Summer heat can be daunting. I start early in the morning, when the house is cooler. Usually I make a big batch consisting of eight or ten servings and freeze them. It’s nice to have rich […]