Building A Pizza Oven: Puzzle Pieces

With the hearth in place, time for the dome. Six pieces create the oven dome and lock the floor down. The pieces are keyed and (thank god) numbered. Piece #1 was the mouth of the oven. Quick tip: concrete is much heavier than it looks. I pride myself with the ability to pickup almost anything (including car tires, logs, crying babies…excluding sorority girls, trampolines, restaurant checks, the list goes on). But, I could channel Lou Forigno all day long and still not be able to pick up the monster that is Piece #1.

Building A Pizza Oven: It’s On!

Something occurred to me while I was looking at technical drawings for brick oven construction: I’m not a mason. I know, I was stunned too. I submitted my membership application to the Freemasons months ago. Nothing! Not even a Tweet. With this heartbreaking news in hand, I decided to limit my exposure to failure and order an oven kit from Forno Bravo. Fourteen hundred pounds of pizza love.

Lamb and Cherry Tomatoes

Rock’n Pizza Night this week! We previwed two new pies. Pictured is Spiced Lamb with Leeks, Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes and Trugole Cheese. John at the Antonelli’s Cheese Shop pointed me to the cheese. He was right, it paired well with the lamb. The other freshmen in attendance: Garlic Confit, Arugula and Ricotta.
After the test pies, I fell back to the usual suspects: Polka Dot, Truffled Daisey and the Godfather. We cranked out 12 pies to 30+ in attendance. Crazy good time.