Devil Chicken & Leeks

Brined and breaded. Mustard and egg and braised. I like to braise the vermouth leeks separately, so everyone can be pulled out at the appropriate time. I don’t think you can put too much Thyme in this dish. Much underused herb. Easy to grow, it takes a beating in the Texas heat and soldiers on. […]

Lamb Shank

Slow roasted lamb shank, Cannellini beans with arugula and tomato tart. Split local tomatoes and garlic. Caramelized sugar and Sherry to cover the compote. I just want to hug these tomatoes Yellow onions cooked down with white wine. Caramel with Thyme, capers, (and soon to be), tomato, onion and puff pastry. Condensed tomato, caper, thyme, […]