They should call it BLTMB. Only two more ingredients: mayo and bread. You think they could fit it in. It’s like saying ’09. We wouldn’t wouldn’t want it to turn into a Y2K type problem: “… ya know, if they would have just taken the time to put the M and the B on the […]

Tasty Orchids

You’re probably asking yourself: what do orchids have to do with eating in Austin? Or: why do I love butter, yet it hurts me? If you are asking yourself the first question more, then you should check out the Heart O’ Texas Orchid Society’s 38th Annual Orchid Show & Sale this weekend at Zilker Gardens. […]

Deep Freeze

Sometimes making food from scratch is a pain. Other times it’s a song. Case in point: spaghetti and meatballs. I won’t lie to you, making your own meatballs, sauce and pasta takes time. It’s not quick. But, all three keep well. I have about fifty meatballs in my freezer right now (go ahead, check) and […]