Riot In the Oven

Pizza night rages on. My new mantra is “patience, my brother”. Currently, I am¬†implementing¬†three rises for the dough: two one-hour rises and a final fifteen minutes rise after the pie is rolled out. I’m getting really nice bubble action.

Easy Repeat

I’m done fooling around with pizza dough. After a two month sojourn with other recipes, I’m going old school. Made the same old, same, old again. Wow. What was I thinking. Sometimes, you need to stick with the classics. In homage to the original, I went with the pep topping.

House of Pizza

I want to live in a house made of Pizza. I don’t know if I need to elaborate on this, I think it speaks for itself. Basically, an edible house. A crust foundation and a roof made of cheese.

Pizza Night Just Got Fatter

I read an interesting article about how high-temperature pizza ovens work. The high heat actually turns the moisture in the dough into steam, giving you a nice rise and crispy crust. Since I don’t have a pizza oven and my own oven only goes up to 550 (not 900), I am starting to give up […]

Manly Slice

I usually make pizza with simple toppings, or lack there of, to show off the crust and cheese. I went the other direction with this one. Tough-guy pizza. Porcini mushrooms, salami and oregano.