Slow Food Gets Sexy


When I moved back to Austin in 2001, I attended my first Slow Food meeting. Not much came of it. I felt the desire to be a part an organization that I believed in, but the events, for me, were more labor than love. I couldn’t quite see the value in the dues. Fast forward to 2009. Much has changed in the Austin food scene and Slow Food seems to have gotten a second life. I have gone from “why should I join?” to “I can’t believe I missed that event!”. Potlucks at Rain Lily Farm, Cheese-making demos (free), Chicken party at Shades of Green Farm, Slow Drink Happy Hour at Annie’s, Raw Talk & Tasting Fundraiser at Barr Mansion…

Hey, Slow Food Austin. You definitely have my attention. I’m on board. Next event, Tonight! Bringing Home the Bacon: Habitat Suites 7:00pm. Learn how easy it is to cure your own bacon at home in this delicious Slow Session led by Slow Food Austin’s Marshall Wright and Preservation Bacon’s Greg Bass.

Slow Food Austin : reconnecting people with the food they eat. Our educational initiatives, social activities, fundraising events, and community volunteer projects inspire respect for where food comes from and awakens true pleasure in eating.

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