Restaurant Review: Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

Some call this “tablecloth BBQ”. They usually don’t mean it in a nice way. I don’t think you need to be cooking in a dirt floor shack with an old pit to produce tasty BBQ. Case in point, Lamberts Downtown BBQ. Their slow roasted meats have an updated twist on old-style “Q”: Brown Sugar and Coffee Rubbed Brisket, Maple and Coriander Crusted Pork Ribs, Achoite and Lime Rubbed Chicken (Combo plates $12-$16). A trio of house made sauces come on the side. Unlike some other BBQ places that don’t even have forks, Lamberts has a full menu for those who prefer to munch on things that didn’t have hooves: Deviled Eggs, Green Chili Queso, Broiled Oysters, Soups and Salads.

My personal favorite is the Pulled Smoked Pork Cuban sandwich ($11). Stop me if you already know the details. Chunks of tangy, sweet pork on a grilled Ciabatta roll with crunchy pickles and gooey Jack cheese. Dangerously good. I get a side of Jicama and Carrot Slaw, to cut the richness of the pork. They don’t mess with it too much, which is the way I like it. Crunchy and bright.

Lamberts serves a very respectable house margarita ($10, ouch). Nice balance, not too sweet or tart. I could easily order two or three more, but my accountant counseled me otherwise. But, on the other hand, this drink looks pretty lonely.

They couldn’t have picked a cooler location. The Schneider Brothers building, standing stoically in the changing face of downtown Austin. New structures sprouting around and over it. It’s a perfect fit. Sophisticated, thoughtful BBQ in a historic setting.

Lamberts Downtown Barbecue : 401 West 2nd St. Austin, TX : (512) 494-1500
Happy Hour : 5pm-7pm, $2 off Drinks, ½ off Bar Appetizers

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Lamberts’ chickpea appetizer, and their bar also serves a terrific sazerac if you’re still in the mood for Louisiana-style drinks. I’ll have to try that Cuban sandwich – looks awful good!

  2. Rachel, Sazerac seems to be the go-to drink lately in town. Just had one at Annie’s. Very tasty.

  3. I work about 2 blocks form there. I’ve been there for lunch seceral times, dinner once and bruch once. I’ve never had a bad meal. Check out the weekend brunch sometime

  4. Yummm, this place looks tasty. I’ve never heard of Lamberts and I actually checked out their website after to take a closer look. A little pricey, but these pictures you posted would drag me in I’m pretty sure. 🙂 Food blogs seem really jumbled and wordy, but I really like the way yours is set up. This post is one example. Straight to the point and what we want to know about…the food! I will surely keep this site in mind when I’m writing for my own blog about dating and relationships. Maybe I’ll get an idea from you on a delectable place to take a date!

  5. Lamberts offers one of the best charcuterie plates in town. housemade rustic & whipped pates ( incl. foie gras ) plus lovely cheese selection & condiments. great deal at $18. also a fan of the green tomato and crabmeat salad. the place is pretty hard edged and noisy but dining outside is a treat.

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