Rice Noodles

I like Pad See Ew, who doesn’t. As I re-hydrated a bag of dried ho fun rice noodles, a stinky smell crept through my kitchen. I used them anyway. I’m an idiot. My stomach soon rebelled. I started thinking about the possibility that the manufacturing of said imported rice noodles could have been dubious. Fuck it. I’ll make my own.

Rice flour 170g, Tapioca flour 60g, H2O 350g
Prepare roasting pan of boiling water with makeshift lid. Stir batter before ladling 120g into oiled quarter sheet pan. Float sheet pan on boiling water, shift to level out batter, cover. Cook for 2 minutes. Let cool before removing noodle sheet. Oil between sheets when stacking.

The noodles you don’t use, throw them in a dehydrator. Congratulate yourself, you have won.