Thai Cabbage Salad

Raw and Fried Napa Cabbage, Cucumber, Red Onion, Herbs, Pistachio and Scallions. I think I have this one dialed in now. Switching over to Napa Cabbage and adding more fresh herbs was the right move. Tempura fried Napa Cabbage. When it comes out of the fryer, hit it with some salt. I swopped out the […]

Quick Pickling

These are not ‘shelf stable’, but will last weeks in the refrigerator. English Cucumber and Red Onion. One tablespoon Sugar to two tablespoons Salt. Three cloves garlic. To that add three cups boiling water and let the sugar and salt dissolve. When it’s cool, add one cup White Vinegar. Mandolin does quick and even work. […]

Knife Sharpening

Knifes are like friends; if you don’t periodically give them your attention and love they can end up hurting you. Constant. Gentle. Sharpening. These sharping stones are typical of a friend group; they set consists of coarse, mild and fine. And, one to keep all the others in line. Five pounds of pressure. Constant angle.

KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)

I have been working on this recipe for a while. It started out simple, then expanded to a three day odyssey and now has returned to it’s rightful place: 30 minute meal. It gets eaten fast, so why not make it fast? The brine, the pre-dredge, the fridge dry: all out the window. Chicken straight […]

Godmother Hanging Out with Tender Belly

We smoke our Mozzarella in house. I made these make-shift cold smokers. They are bad ass. Also on this pie are caramelized onion. That is our basic Godmother pizza. We received some Tender Belly samples of their Pancetta. Freak’n awesome. Smashed some of that goodness on top of the Godmother. Swine Mother? Godswiner? Tasty? Hell, […]

This Salad Needs a New Name

I grew up on this salad. We called it Taco Salad. I don’t think it deserves that name anymore. First of all, the original one I was fed had little to do with a good taco. Secondarily, this current version goes beyond a typical “taco”. Ground meat, sure. But, Thunderheart Bison is the way to […]