Sweet and Sour Pork

Straight from my childhood to the plate. Chinese-American classic. If you stare at the picture any longer you will have to go for a jog to lose the weight. Sauce: Ginger 15g (2 tsp), Garlic 5g (1 tsp), tomato paste 25g 1(.5 tbl), Rice Vin 165g (1c), Pineapple Juice 165 (1c), Honey 120g (2/4c). Reduce […]

Mushroom Toast

Seared local mushrooms in cream pan sauce on Focaccia. Lots of great local mushroom producers around Austin these days. I got these from Central Market, but they are from a local company. Creme Fraiche: Cream with a little buttermilk left on your counter overnight. Long Ferment Focaccia (LFF) with Thyme, Rosemary and Sea Salt