Book Review: Sunday Suppers at Lucques

sunday supper

I picked up Suzanne Goin’s new book: Sunday Suppers at Lucques. Fantastic book. The recipe for Devil’s Chicken with Leeks has been a hit at my house. Lots of herbs and mustard. It is based on Julia Child’s recipe in The Way to Cook.

I follow the recipe pretty closely, though most prefer chicken breasts to thighs. To compensate for the shorter cooking time of a skinless-boneless breast, I eliminated the second cooking stage and instead broil the chicken to crisp up the bread crumbs.

412JMM9RZ9L._SL160_Leeks don’t get much attention these days, but this recipe put them back on the map for me. It also got me poking around for other neglected vegetables. All in all, I love this book. It’s low on cooking voodoo and high on classic pairings.