Recession Special

Having just paid your taxes, you’re probably looking to conserve a few dollars by making an inexpensive meal. Beans and rice are a classic combination. In Central America it is called Gallo Pinto. Yellow onion, red bell pepper and garlic flavor a mix of white rice and red or black beans. Great for breakfast, lunch, […]

Restrained Saucing

Finishing pasta with the sauce is an easy way to adjust the consistency. If the sauce is too thick, add in some of the pasta water. If it’s too wet, keep it on the burner for a minute to let some of the liquid reduce. I like it when the pasta holds the sauce, not […]

Cold Comfort

You should have listened to the crazy old lady working in the Nursery department at Lowe’s. “I wouldn’t put those’s tomato plants in the ground till after Easter, it could still freeze.” Then, you walk back to your car, sweating from the 88 degree heat, shaking your head. Sure your new plants are dead from […]

Copy Cat

You find a favorite restaurant dish and you try to duplicate it at home. Rarely does it work out. My first venture was Sweet and Sour Pork (never really worked out, gained 10 pounds). My next was Orange and Coriander Crusted Halibut from Vespaio (NAILED it). Lately, I have been working on Capellini Neopolitano from […]

This Didn’t Work

I have made Vegetable Tempura a few times, and most were a success. But, this last batch sucked. Undercooked and soaked in greese. I cut the vegetables too think and the oil wasn’t hot enough. I should have used my mandolin and kicked down the $40 for that Fry Daddy I have been eyeing for […]