Lucy Chonga with Chicken

Mia’s Tex-Mex on Lemmon Ave. in Dallas, I love you. For many things, but mainly for introducing me to the Lucy Changa. Haunting. I needed to see if I could replicate it here in Austin. Home made flour lard tortilla fajita burrito, deep fried and covered in cheese and ranchero sauce. Ranchero Sauce: Canned Plum tomatoes 28oz, Onion 125g, Garlic 30g, Guajillo 20g, Serrano 15g, Chicken StockĀ  200g, Cilantro 15g, Cumin 2g. Sweat onions and garlic. Toast guajillo. Add other ingredients, simmer for an hour, puree. Salt and pepper.

Skirt steak marinated in citrus, grilled poblanos, onions and bell pepper.

Slip into that sweet, sweet bath of Rice Oil to become GBD ( golden brown delicious ).