Tom Colicchio Is A Punk

Red Onion and Olive Pizza

What the Hell! Tom Colicchio has started a pizza night? WOW. What a copycat! I have been doing a pizza night forever. You would think that he could come up with something original. But, no. He has to steal my thunder. Hey Tom! Good thing you are half a country away or this could get ugly. Anytime you want to throw down, bring it on! My rag-tag crew with our broken down residential GE Profile series oven against your, your, your…unlimited budget and resources.

One reply on “Tom Colicchio Is A Punk”

  1. WHAT?!?! He totally copied.

    I’m sure your pizza nights are a million times better. Are his pizza nights going to have closet sausage? Don’t think so! Are his pizza nights going to have pizza with the best crust ever known to man? Don’t think so!

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