Building A Pizza Oven: $20

Hippies. It’s always the hippies. Why would they screw up my perfectly good $5,000 pizza oven plan by building one for $20 and making me look like an idiot? Is there a vast hippie conspiracy to decentralize the wood fired pizza oven market? I should know if there is. I have people in place so this type of information will be fed back to me.

Their plan seems simple enough. First, get twenty dollars (this may require a whole second plan). Next, become a hippie (I knew there was a catch). Third, join a commune in close approximation to needed supplies: clay, sand, sawdust, brick, recycled beer bottles and old cinder blocks ( I guess that rules out Berkeley, or does it?).

The Year of Mud: Cob and natural building


4 replies on “Building A Pizza Oven: $20”

  1. OMG! This just cracks me up. I had seen a while back that you were building one so I mentioned it to one of my co-workers and she sent me the link to the $20.00 pizza oven. I laughed so hard when I told my husband he could do it for $20.00 as long as we joined a commune. So did yours really cost 5k? minus the commune?

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