Building New Pies

Some might say letting people pick their own pizza topping combinations is like handing a loaded gun to a to a kitten. A kitten that doesn’t have many friends and has deep seated frustrations with imaginary dogs. As tough as it may be for me to admit it, these people might be right. Building a pie should be more than haphazard whimsy. Just like a meal on a plate, harmony and balance needs to be applied. Pictured above is my most recent attempt: Ricotta (sweet), garlic confit (creamy) and arugula (bitter). I don’t know if it is all the way there yet, but it’s a solid start.

I am trying to work leeks onto a pizza. These went on with lamb and a sharp hard cheese. The pie was good but the leeks got lost on the way. Work in progress.

7 replies on “Building New Pies”

  1. Have you though about getting a Big Green Egg for cooking pizza? I’ve been reading up on them and apparently you can get them up to a blistering 750 degrees.

    I’d be tempted myself if they weren’t so damned expensive.

  2. Indirect heat is key and grills usually aren’t good at that. That being said, I am sure it can be figured out. The internal temp is in the right zone. The Bubba Keg is less expensive than the Egg and they are discounted right now at Home Depot. That might be a good option.

  3. Ahhh yes I should have mentioned that a bunch of guys recommend lifting the pizza stone up with some heatproof bricks to get it further from the heat source. Apparently a quick wipe over the stone with a damp cloth will cool it enough to not char the crust too much if it’s still getting too hot.

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